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Many advisors find it easier to go independent as part of an established firm. You are able to enjoy true independence while benefiting from logistical support, lower startup costs, shared overhead and other economies of scale. By sharing the knowledge of those who’ve already made their move, your transition can be smooth and efficient.

An established RIA may provide the perfect combination of autonomy and support. You don’t have to go it alone!

Set yourself free!

With BEAM, as an independent small business owner, you’ll take charge of your own future. It’s time to control your destiny. As an independent advisor and small business owner, you’ll be in charge of your own future. Your success will depend on your own hard work and the quality of the guidance and service you provide to your clients. You’re free to pursue the type of client you wish to pursue, determine the work/life balance you prefer and even develop a specialized niche market for yourself. Best of all, you’ll have the chance to build something of lasting value that you can pass on or sell when you’re ready to retire.

Put Clients first!

First for unbiased guidance

First for meeting client needs

First for better service

First for building stronger relationships

When you’re an independent advisory representative of BEAM, you’re free to recommend investment solutions that meet your clients’ needs. There is no pressure to push proprietary products or meet “informal” cross-selling goals. You won’t have to worry about client relationships being compromised by senior management’s agenda or bad press. Putting clients first leads to better relationships, and that translates into long-term retention, increased referrals and higher income.

Own your own practice!

As an independent advisor, the client relationships you develop belong to you and you alone. You’ll be free to build a substantial future for yourself and your family. With each new client relationship, you’ll be building equity in your own business — creating a tangible asset that you own and can pass along or sell when you’re ready to retire.

Leverage Our Strength

When you choose to partner with BEAM Asset Management, you’ll be backed by an Independent RIA that puts advisors and their clients first. BEAM Asset Management serves more than 25 independent financial advisors and has $500 million in total assets under management. BEAM is not too big to service you and your client’s needs, yet built by advisors for advisors and their clients and big enough to get a better job done. BEAM custodies client assets with the major advisory custodians in the country, Fidelity Institutional Wealth Services, TD Ameritrade Institutional and Charles Schwab Institutional. You’ll benefit from unparalleled support and service. You’ll have access to a broad range of competitive and customizable fee-based asset management programs, and unbiased research that includes asset allocation strategies and model portfolios. You’ll have the ability to run a more efficient practice using innovative technology, and software tools including Orion, Papervision, Money Guide Pro, Emoney and Redtail CRM. You’ll also increase your profit potential with industry-high payouts and greater control over business expenses.

Be Part of a Successful Group

For many advisors, joining an established firm like BEAM offers the perfect combination of autonomy and support. Strength in numbers can significantly reduce the costs and risks of independence. BEAM provides a turnkey transition and setup program. You can focus instead on serving your clients. The name recognition of an established firm provides assurance to new clients, and you can benefit from local or regional advertising. Partnering with BEAM provides a collegial atmosphere and enable you to exchange ideas with knowledgeable and experienced independent colleagues.

It’s Up to You

If you’re ready to make your move and take control of your future, it’s time to investigate BEAM, an established, independent RIA firm. Your office operates according to its own individual business model, or affiliate with an existing BEAM office. Remember, the first rule of independence is also its first reward: It’s up to you.

Ready to make your move?

The choice is yours.

Choose the path that’s right for you.